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Meet Cosmic Mi

Astrologer, Youtuber,

Creative Coach & Glam Guru

German/Brazilian moonchild Mi Gerer usually has her head in the stars but comes back to earth ever so often to give astrological readings. She is the original creator & writer of the Galoroscopes & has previously been providing forecasts for GALORE Magazine, MADE New York, & Wild Galaxies. In her latest weekly horoscope column COSMIC CALLING ☎️✨ for Elephant Magazine she offers insights & inspirations to unleash creativity.


Mi studies both the psyche and the cosmos and launched her astrological services in 2016. Each person has a unique birth chart /divine DNA. Planets do not affect our actions, but they assist & are able to...

Transform Your Life 

An analysis of a birth chart can provide deep insight into your personality, motivations, and desires. Combined with transits we can find out the "divine timing" for you to act in a particular area of your life to reach your goals.

Start Your Journey

Life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself.

Grace Jones


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 “My reading was phenomenal. Mi is the greatest. She does the damn thing.”

Jessica S.

 “Mi the Master. I have seen many astrologers over the years, and in my experience, Mi's readings have been the most insightful, accurate, and well explained I had so far. Mi is a natural in her craft and makes a point to really explain your chart and how it relates to all areas of life - romance, career, home, etc. She is very well versed and it's clear her knowledge is extensive. Going back to see her soon.”

Stephanie H.

 “Superstar Mi has warmth and ease to her personality that is really easy to connect with. Upon doing my chart she was very articulate explaining to me where everything lied and what that meant, offering really great advice along the way. Would absolutely recommend her!”

Dani R.

“Mi was so sweet and helpful when reading both my chart and my partner's. It was very informative and we even had some laughs. All in all, she was right on plus I found out a lot about my hidden talents. I highly recommend her.

Mario C.

“...A energia do universo tem formas supreendentes de se manifestar e tu es sem duvida uma das mais intensas e profundas que ja conheci. O teu talento para astrologia ( e todas coisas maravilhosas que fazes) nao e uma coincidencia, e uma evidencia dessa energia especial e unica.”

Jose Q.

“Incredible. That's crazy, Mi knew everything about me the first time we met. She was very nice, funny and clear, explained everything, every promenade and gave some great advice! I definitely recommend her.”


“Due to her long experience, Mi has a great way of explaining your birth chart and helping understand Astrology. 

A BIG thanks to the great reading, things got a lot clearer since then!”


“Before I paid for my sessions I was afraid of destiny. All my life there was a certain area of my life that I felt insecure about. After my first session Mi told me that according to my chart it wasn't that destiny was against me, I was still going to succeed I just needed to learn to be patient because apparently my destiny was that I always get what I want as long as I'm patient. If it wasn't for Mi telling me that, I'd still be wrecking myself emotionally. The past three months have been some of the most calming because I felt at ease knowing that my future is going to be great and it's all because Mi is an experienced Astrologer and I feel that if you feel unsure about your life purpose, destiny, who you are, etc., she can give you an accurate review. Some of the things she said on my report are things I've said since I was a kid and there's no way she could have known that and be so accurate unless she knew what she was talking about. So all in all I highly recommend her.”


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