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Meet Cosmic Mi

Astrologer, Youtuber,

Creative Coach & Glam Guru

German/Brazilian moonchild Mi Gerer usually has her head in the stars but comes back to earth ever so often to give astrological readings. She is the original creator & writer of the Galoroscopes & has previously been providing forecasts for GALORE Magazine, MADE New York, & Wild Galaxies.


Mi studies both the psyche and the cosmos and launched Bigger Picture: "Astrology for the Next Generation" in 2016. Each person has a unique birth chart /divine DNA. Planets do not affect our actions, but they assist & are able to guide us.

Astrology in depth helps us to access our full potential & to find our hidden treasures. In her opinion Sun signs have been overemphasized way too much, she prefers looking at the bigger picture, the Moon, Venus, Mars, etc… We are not categorized into twelve boxes. Mi studied Psychology as support for her practice. She has always had a fascination with synchronicity & the planets. Naturally, she has been exploring the mysteries of the cosmos for over 15 years.

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